The Corpus Christi Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative body of individuals selected every two years by Day Groups, recognizable Societies and Ministries in the church and the Parish Priest to form the Council in accordance with the regulations and directives of the PPC Constitution of the Accra Archdiocese. It normally has a membership of between twenty-five to thirty representatives. As members of the PPC, the Parish Youth Council is represented the President and Vice President or Secretary. The membership of the PPC reflects a cross section of the entire Parish. Members of the PPC must be practicing Catholics, that is, communicants. Each member is eligible for term of two years, after which they may be re-elected for another term. No member however, who has served the two terms is eligible for a third term continuous.


The PPC comprises of the Parish Priest who is the President, the Assistant Priest who is the Vice President, the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, a Secretary and an Assistant Secretary as well as the Financial Secretary and an Assistant Financial Secretary. These together form the PPC Executive Committee and provide the leadership for the Parish. They assist the Parish Priest in decision making in the Parish.


 Very Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Gosu

Parish Priest

 Rev. Fr. Januarius Akabli

Assistant Parish Priest

 Mrs. Jacqueline Angate


 Dr. Kwame Aveh

Vice Chairperson

 Mr. Joseph Dontah

Financial Secretary

 Mrs. Doris Kumesi


 Mr. Eric Agyen Kusi

Assistant Secretary

 Mr. Allen Konrad Mensah

Assistant Financial Secretary




The Corpus Christi PPC has ten (10) committees. These are as follows:

  • Events and Protocol
  • Education and Laity
  • Liturgical
  • Project Management and Maintenance
  • Health
  • Vocations
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Welfare
  • Education Endowment Fund Committee

Members of the various committees are either chosen from the parish or voluntarily join committees of their choice. Though the chairpersons of all PPC committees are members of the PPC, members of the committee are not. The PPC Committees serve their term of office concurrently with the PPC and are therefore dissolved upon the inauguration of a new PPC. Unlike the PPC however, committee members can serve on the committees under different PPCs for as long as they wish once the groups they represent approves them as their representatives.

According to Article 2 of the PPC Constitution of the Accra Archdiocese, Christ’s faithful and those who by virtue of their office are engaged in the pastoral care in the parish, through the PPC cooperate in fostering pastoral action in the parish. The PPC is therefore expected to promote solidarity among various groups and societies as well as seek to unite the entire parish as one family. The PPC promotes various forms of lay apostolate, coordinates and supervises pastoral activities within the parish and plans pastoral strategies and development projects for the parish.



To do the above, the PPC of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church at the beginning of each term of office, collaborates with the Parish to develop a Vision and Mission, a theme to guide the spiritual growth of the parish at the beginning of each year, as well as a two-year development plan for the parish. The two-year development plan normally covers the areas of Spiritual Growth and Evangelisation, Formation and Vocations, Laity and Educational activities, Social, Physical and Infrastructural development, Welfare and Charity, Youth development and Financial Management among others. An annual budget is developed by the Finance Committee covering identified activities, programmes and projects and presented to Council for debate, review and endorsement. An evaluation of the year’s activities as stipulated in the two-year development is done to identify achievements, challenges and failures and to chart the way forward. At the end of the two years, a report on the implementation of the two-year development plan is submitted to the in-coming PPC Chairman. This fosters continuity especially for on-going projects.


  • Parish Priest – President of the PPC who oversees everything in the Parish and is responsible only to the Archbishop of Accra
  • PPC Chairman - The Chairman, who is normally elected by in-coming Council members between October and December of an election year, presides over the PPC and Executive Committee’s meetings. He/she prepares the agenda for both the Executive and the general PPC meetings, reviews and endorses the minutes and highlights from the PCC for Day Group meetings on the first Sunday of each month. He/she works closely with the Parish Priest on financial and administrative management of the parish. At Corpus Christi, the Chairman compiles and present periodic and progress reports to the parishioners on the status of the implementation of the two-year development plan and other parish activities. He/she also gives goodwill and New Year messages on identified parish feast days and the first Sunday of the New Year.
  • Vice Chairman - At Corpus Christi, the Vice Chairman doubles as the Chairman of the Events and Protocol Committee. He therefore plays the dual role of assisting the Chairman and planning, budgeting and supervising the implementation of all parish activities that falls under the Events and Protocol. These are normally social activities that stand on their own or form an aspect of the spiritual programmes in the parish.
  • The Secretaries - notify members of the date, time and agenda of the PPC Executive and general meetings. They record minutes during meetings and draft the PPC Highlights for review and endorsement by the Parish Priest and the PPC Chairman.
  • Financial Secretary - The Financial Secretary, like the Vice Chairman, doubles as the Chairman of the Finance Committee. He/she is assisted by an Assistant Financial Secretary. He oversees the preparation and disbursement of the annual budget, prepares the Year-Ending Statement of Account, supervises the counting and banking of the collections during Mass and parish investments. The Financial Secretary in collaboration with the Finance Committee also plans and leads fundraising activities in the parish. In his absence, the Assistant Financial Secretary assumes responsibility for all these activities.



The Corpus Christi PPC organizes eleven (11) general meetings in a year. There is no meeting in December. The Council may also organise special or emergency meetings as and when necessary. The PPC holds Executive Committee meetings on the last Tuesday of the month at 7pm and general meetings on the last Sunday of the month at 4pm. One-third of the members form a quorum and decisions during meetings are taken through a consensus or a simple majority vote.

Corpus Christi Parish Pastoral Council.
2019/20 Administration

Very Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Gosu -- Parish Priest
Rev. Fr. Januarius Akabli -- Assistant Parish Priest
Mrs. Jacqueline Angate -- Parish Chairperson /  Tuesday Group
Dr. Kwame Aveh -- Vice Chairperson
Mrs. Doris Kumesi -- Secretary / Wednesday Group
Mr. Eric Agyen Kusi -- Assistant Secretary
Mr. Joseph Dontah -- Financial Secretary
Mr. Allen Konrad Mensah -- Assistant Financial Secretary
Mr. Louis Doe Anku -- (Chair) Liturgical Committee/ Father's Nominee
Mrs. Elizabeth Adjei -- (Chair) Events & Protocol Committee/ Monday Group
Mrs. Joyce A. Kumi -- (Chair) Health Committee/ St. Theresa
Mrs. Christine Anyinsah -- (Chair) Education & Laity Committee/ Christian Mothers' Association
Mr. Patrick Okoto -- (Chair) Project Management & Maintenance Committee
Mr. E. Collins Ahadome -- (Chair) Vocation & Evangelisation Committee / Christian Fathers
Mr. Dennis Ofori-Asare -- PYC Chairperson
Ms. Liddell Yorke -- PYC Vice Chairperson
Ms. Yvonne Ninbi-Yobo -- PYC Secetary
Rev. Sr. Mary Patricia Asante -- Corpus Christi School Rep
Mrs. Gina Afful Andoh -- Knights of St John Int. & Ladies Auxiliary
Mr. Kofi Asamoah -- Knights and Ladies of Marshall
Mr. Ernest Obiri-Yeboah -- St. Vincent De Paul
Dr. Stanislaus Adiaba -- Education Endowment Fund/ Thursday Group
Mrs. Olivia Hayford -- Friday Group
Mrs. Matilda Issah -- Saturday Group
Mr. Rogking Clottey -- Sunday Group 
Dr. Matilda Adda  -- Father's Nominee