Corpus Christi Church Choir

As a liturgical ministry we seek to:

  1. Sing joyfully to promote the full, conscious and active participation of the faithful and build up the Body of Christ.
  2. Stimulate and beautify the worship of the faithful in the Eucharistic celebration and all other functions organized by the church and lead them to worship God.
  3. Contribute to the spiritual, mental and social advancement of its members
  4. Support the aims and objectives of Tema-Battor Deanery Catholic Church Choirs Association of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra

       Emblem:  The emblem of the Choir is the Corpus Christi Catholic Church Logo.

       Slogan: The slogan of the Choir is “With heart and Voice” and the response is “We praise Him


       Membership: is opened to registered members of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church, aged eighteen years and above.

      Leadership: the Choir is governed by an Executive Committee including the Music Director.  It is also assisted by an Advisory body made up of the Parish Priest and Associate and the Patrons Council.

      Practice Days: The Choir meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Parish Hall.  However, to meet commitments for certain feasts and occasions, the Choirmaster(s) shall increase the number of days or extend the hours of practice.

      Annual Activities: Retreat, Charity; Music festival, Excursions, St. Cecilia Feast Day, and Christmas Carols’ Night.

 The Corpus Christi Catholic Church Choir hereinafter referred to as “The Choir,” started informally in 1989 with a handful of people. They were Mrs. Hannah Dankwa-Smith, Mr. Emmanuel Otabil of blessed memory and his family.  Choir practices, led by Mrs. Dankwa-Smith, at that time were held at the Otabil’s residence and later moved to the Bethel Nursery School, Sakumono Estate.  Mr. Philip Atsiatorme, who was then working with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) conducted “The Choir”.  Mr. Moses Kinnah also assisted occasionally with the teaching of songs.

The Choir  now has 68 registered members, out of which only 35 are most active.  Mr. Anthony Effah, the first among the bass singers still remains the only active bass singer in the choir!

The first Choirmaster/Organist, Mr. Patrick Anumel, trained several choristers to assist him as organist. Examples are Mr. Theophilus Anumel and Edmund Foley.

The Choir joined the Tema-Battor Deanery Catholic Church Choirs Association in 1997 and participates in all its activities.


Pioneers of “The Choir”:

  • Mrs. Hannah Dankwa-Smith
  • Christiana Quarshie (now Mrs. Abotsi)
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Appiah
  • Joyce Chigabatia
  • Eric Asante ( now Rev. Fr. )
  • Faustina  Parku (now Mrs. Ahadzi)
  • Senam Atsiatorme
  • Josephine Effah
  • Elikplim Atsiatorme
  • Mrs. Faustina Atsiatorme
  • Mrs. Eugenia Dakpallah
  • Georgina Dakpallah
  • Mr. Andrews Ahadzie
  • Mr. Anthony Effah
  • Captain Adarkwa-Yiadom Yaw
  • Mr. James Kojo Kwenu Smith
  • Mr. Emmanuel Otabil, Mrs. Elizabeth Dadzie, Patricia Anumel, Mrs. Victoria Appah and Comfort Ewusi (all of blessed memory)


  • Mr. Patrick Anumel                1992-2009
  • Mr. Theophilus Anumel           2004 to present
  • Mr. Blessed Yawson              2009 to present


Contact persons:     Juliana A. Pwamang


Cell: +233-(0) 244 722 380

Mr. Anthony Effah

Cell: +233-(0) 208 174 661

Mrs. Monica Foley

Cell: +233-(0)243 084 777

Blessed Yawson, Choirmaster

Cell: +233 (0) 249 313 191