Corpus Christi Parish Lectors Ministry

Slogan: Proclaiming the word!!!

A Lector refers to a person who assists at a worship service chiefly by reading the Lection.
A Minister refers to an individual officiating or assisting the Officiant in Church Worship.

The Lectors Ministry is a body of ministers in the church who have been commissioned to assist the officiants [officiating clergy] in a church service[mass], chiefly by reading the lection [a liturgical reading for a particular day].



Any individual, who strongly feels a sense of serving in the house of God willingly, qualifies to be a Lector.

  • (S) He will approach any of the Leadership of the Ministry, be invited to attend the rehearsal session.


  • (S) He will go through a training period and be tested after which (s) he will be commissioned to the state of lectorship and awarded a certificate to certify him or her as a member of the CCP- LM under the prerogative of the Parish Priest and the Ministry Chaperone – Mrs. Hannah Dankwah Smith


Ministry Contact


Genevieve Odamtten Mary Offei
0209 455 1560 0266 000 531