COSRA - Catholic Organization for Social and Religious Advancement

COSRA is an adult youth group that combines the dynamism of youth and maturity of adulthood

The main motivation of COSRA is to cater for the social and spiritual needs of the catholic youth and to bring the youth of the church together to partake in the parish work.

Motto: Service to God and Mankind

Slogan: Revolution! Action in Christ!


  • To bring the youth of the church together
  • o promote social and religious activities among members and in the church
  • To encourage the spirit of voluntary service to the church both among members and the youth of the church
  • To inculcate in members the habit of obedience, discipline, self respect, fear of God, love of neighbor and humility towards the attainment of true manhood
  • To stimulate and direct in every way possible members ambition along the Christian way of life.


We meet last Sunday of every month immediately after first mass for our general meetings.

All youth, 18 years and above are entreated to join us in our efforts to build a vibrant youth force in our parish.