The idea of the Christian Daughters Association was conceived in Corpus Christi catholic parish Sakumono in the year 2004, when Sharon Inez Fiagbedzi inspired by the roles played by the Christian Mothers Association informed her mother, Ethel Anthonio about her intension to join the Christian mothers association, but was told by her mother that she was too young to be a member, however due to her persistence, her mother decided to inform the executive secretary of the Christian mothers association, Mother Comfort Ofori about her daughters’ intention. Madam Comfort Ofori informed her that there were a group of Christian children in one of the parishes in Accra, so Mother Ethel said it will be a good idea to have a group of young ladies in the Corpus Christi parish.

 Mother Comfort Ofori then asked Mother Ethel Anthonio about the name and aim of the association she was proposing, Mother Ethel responded by saying, the aims would be for young ladies in the Catholic Church to marry according to the doctrines of the church and also emulate the values and virtues of the blessed virgin Mary, based on this idea, Mother Ethel Anthonio came up with the name Christian Daughters Association. Mother Comfort Ofori happy about the idea went to the Christian Mothers’ Head office in Accra to seek approval; it was during that same period our sisters from St. Peters parish in kpehe heard of the group. Even though the idea and name was conceived in the Corpus Christi Catholic Church Sakumono, St Peter’s parish in Kpehe quickly organized themselves and had their group inaugurated in the year 2006.

Mother Ethel and her daughter started organizing the young ladies in the corpus Christi parish by telling them about the group, soon a lot of young ladies numbering about thirty showed interest, inspired by the numbers Mother Ethel took it upon herself to purchase the materials and other accessories for the group at the head office of the Christian mothers association, which made her a regular and default customer at the Christian mother’s head office. After purchasing the materials she convinced her sister Doreen Anthonio to sew the regalia’s in other to ensure uniformity,

 Mother Comfort Ofori working together with Mother Ethel Anthonio as coordinators organized the first election of interim executives which was supervised by Mother Comfort Ofori in front of the Corpus Christi parish hall which saw the following person’s in elected into office

  1. Ms. Nina Atamudzi                     acting president
  2. Ms Sharon Inez Fiagbedzi           acting vice president
  3. Ms Cecilia                                  acting secretary                                   
  4. Clara Sosu                                 acting assists. secretary
  5. Linda Dabla                                organizing secretary
  6. Evelyn Addo                               financial secretary
  7. Maame Afua Senti                      Chaplin

These members served for a couple of months, after which the interim president advised that we go on a recess. Months after the recess, members kept asking Mother Ethel and her daughter the way forward for the group, so in the year 2005 Sharon Inez Fiagbedzi started organizing the weekly Sunday meetings in the absence of the acting president. The group started working hand in hand with the events and protocol committee, assisting the children’s service as our main project and also taking up serving roles during programmes and functions organized by the church, this brought the group into the lime light and also became one of the most enviable and formidable forces among the other youth groups in the church.

      V. Rev. Father Fredrick Agyeman recognizing the massive role and dedication of the group in the

     Church finally gave the go ahead for the group to be inaugurated on 19th April 2008.


Aims and objectives of the Association

  1. To develop maximum awareness of responsibility among members as Christian daughters youth and the society at large.
  2. To promote the spiritual and moral advancement of the female child
  3. To promote true Christian life as a woman of honor and self esteem
  4. To promote Christian education among our peers

Officers inducted into office

1. Sharon Inez Fiagbedzi               President

2. Catherine Minimadey                1st Vice president

3. Sylvia Agbo                               2nd vice president

4. Harriett Mensah                        Secretary

5. Mavis Menson                           Assistant Secretary

6. Lynda Awadzie                          Financial Secretary

7. Fortune Atamudzie                   Treasurer

8. Susan Golomeke                       Organizing Secretary

9. Stella Agbewornu                      Assistant Organizing Secretary

10 Laura Kutsienyo                       Chaplin (Late)

11. Elizabeth Anane                      Porter



1.  Hannah Frimpong                                             2.  Faith Ahiadzi                                                                                      

3.   Belinda Amesu                                               4.  Dzifa Addision     

5. Miriam Amesu                                                  6.  Tracy Gbekor

7. Mavis Kojoste                                                   8.  Ruth Apaloo

9. Naomi Zuut                                                      10 . Pricisilla Mroh

11. Judith Aikins                                                   12.   Gifty Morna

13. Genevieve Ahedor                                           14.  Sophia Yendor

15. Beatrice Odesti                                              16.   Mary Kuto

17. Olivia Mbroh                                                   18.  Agnes Anomah (Late)

19. Millicent Mbroh                                               20. Pearl Tehoda

21. Louisa Tameklo                                               22. Evelyn Anumel

23. Patience Kettor                                               24. Barbara Adjani

25. Joseceline Dogatse                                         26.  Bola Williams

27. Selasi Nuworkpor                                            29.  Enyonam Awuye

30. Gifty Kovi                                                       31. Francis Kovi

32. Maame Boateng                                             33. Roselyn Addo