corpus christi Thursday group

“Holy Holy...Full of Grace”


Patron Saint: Blessed John Paul (originated the Mysteries of Light of the Holy Rosary)

Thursday in a Catholic setting is a day of Holiness hence the groupd adopted the slogan "Holy Holy...Fulll of Grace". The group engages in many activities to enhance the Catholicism among its members such as Spiritual, Social, Welfare and Charicitable activities.

Local names given to Thursday Borns:  Aba, Yaa, Yawa, Baaba, Awo, Yaw, Ekow, Yao, Lamisi


Group Objectives

  • Foster unity /love among members and other Parishioners
  • Encourage members to be active participants in the Parish activities and to grow spiritually
  • Promote the implementation of Welfare interventions available in the Parish


Meeting Days, Time and Venue

The Thursday Group meets on the 2nd Sunday of every month after 1st Mass at the Parish Hall. The group also organises emergency meetings as and when necessary. Executives Meeting falls on ry last Saturdays of the month or whenever necessary


Group Officials Contact

Group President:

Group Secretary:


Annual Program Line-Up

  • Donations/ contributions to charity work/ Outreach
  • Spiritual Retreat/ Talk
  • Breakfast meeting
  • Family Day Out
  • End of Year Party


 We humbly welcome all those born on Thursday to come and join the group upon registering with the church. All Thursday members should make it a duty to attend meetings to promote the welfare and wellbeing of one another. Those who happen to attend mass on a meeting day but are visiting the parish can also come and witness in order to learn a thing or two and spread the Day Group concept to their parishes or other Catholic churches.