corpus christi monday group

"Priestly People...God’s Chosen People" (1st Peter 2:9)


Patron Saint: St. Francis of Assisi  (Feast Day is 4th October)


Monday borns are notable as “Priestly, kingly  and holy people”. It is the role of its members in Church activities that made it easier to adopt its new slogan, “Priestly people”. Members continue to play various roles as Eucharistic Ministers, Councilors, Lectors and Ushers. The group has a choir and is christened Priestly Voices. The Group has actively participated in all the Church’s programs, both spiritual and social and charity works. The Group’s anthem is Catholic Hymnal 420. 

Local names given to Monday Borns:  Adwoa, Adjoa, Adzoa, Adwoma, Kojo, Kwadwo, Jojo, Joojo, Kujoe


Group Objectives

  • To serve as a channel of communication between the Parish Pastoral Council and the membership of the group
  • To promote and support the Parish Pastoral Council in the discharge of it duties
  • To promote and support spiritual growth and development of its members
  • To co-operate with other groups in the church to promote Christian brotherliness and values
  • To promote Christian brotherliness among members of the group and the entire congregation
  • To support and promote understanding and trust among members


Meeting Days, Time and Venue

The Monday Group meets on the 2nd Sunday of every month after 1st Mass at the St. Monica room. The group also organises emergency meetings as and when necessary.


Group Officials Contact

Group President:

Group Secretary:


Program Line-Up

  • Spiritual Retreat/ Talk
  • Breakfast meeting
  • Family Day Out
  • End of Year Party


 We humbly welcome all those born on Monday to come and join the group upon registering with the church. All Monday members should make it a duty to attend meetings to promote the welfare and wellbeing of one another. Those who happen to attend mass on a meeting day but are visiting the parish can also come and witness in order to learn a thing or two and spread the Day Group concept to their parishes or other Catholic churches.