Corpus Christi Basic School

In 1990, the Catholic Community in the Sakumono Estates (Community 13) established a place of worship under the direction of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church as an outstation. The growth and expansion of the Community beyond Communities 13, up to 20 necessitated the establishment of a reputable school to give first class education to the children of the inhabitants of these Communities.

However, in December 1996, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Nartey visited Mr. Ohene-Djan at Tema Development Corporation (TDC) in Connection with some additional plot required by the Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Sakumono. At the office of the Surveyor, there sat a young man who had passed his Junior High School (JHS) examinations, but was weeping because he was finding it difficult to get a Senior High School admission.

His plight touched the hearts of Fr. Nartey and Mr. Ohene-Djan to the extent that the problem of the limited Senior Secondary Schools in the country was later discussed between the two. During the discussion, Mr. Ohene-Djan mentioned to Fr. Nartey that TDC had constructed a school building complex at Community 18, which was meant for a basic school, and it was to be managed by TDC.

Basic School

Corpus Christi Senior High School

He further suggested that, considering the bottleneck after JHS and the immense experience of the Catholic Church in school management it would be better to convince the management of TDC to change the basic school concept into a Senior High School and give the school to the catholic Educational Unit to mange as a private one.

Rev. Fr. Nartey immediately agreed to the suggestion. While he was to sell the idea to the then Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, His Grace, Most Rev. Dominic K. Andoh, Mr. Ohene-Djan agreed to discuss the suggestion with the management of TDC.

This was in recognition of the capabilities of the catholic church to mange schools especially when the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) had handed over the Holy Child Basic School at the Sakumono ;estates to the Corpus Christi Catholic Church to manage.


The Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra accepted the suggestion and a few days later, he sent an application letter for the management of the School to TDC, after series of meetings between the Catholic Educational Unit and TDC the former effect from September, 1997.

It was not until the 20th January, 1998, that the Corpus Christi Catholic School formally started operation with 41 pupils (17 girls and 24 boys) at the Basic Department as the pioneers. The Senior High Department was opened on the 9th February, 1998 with 57 students (31 girls and 26 boys).

The Basic and Senior High Departments had 4 and 8 teachers respectively and a School Secretary.

The School currently operates on two sites – Community 18 where the Basic School is and Community 20 where the SHS is situated. The current population of the School is 895 in the Basic and 210 in the SHS, with a total staff strength of 84. The SHS runs the Business, General Arts and Science programmes

Contact Information:
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Sakumono Estates
Phone: 0303 410272