Brief History 

Out of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church (CCCC) Basic Christian Community Cell Groups in Communities 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20, SBCC started in the year 2005. From this humble beginning of not more than twenty (20) members, St. Bakhita Catholic Church (SBCC) has grown within the last eight (8) years to a current membership of over one thousand (1,200).

SBCC has a vast catchment area encompassing Communities 17-20 and the outlying and ever growing communities mainly off the Accra-Tema Motorway and Spintex Road like Baatsona North, New Kotobabi, Adogon and Klagon not mentioning Kpoigono adjacent to the Coca Cola Bottling Plant area. 

The phenomenal growth of the church has evolved around the attributes of our Sudanese Patron Saint - ST. BAKHITA (an Arabic name which means the fortunate one).

We are therefore fortunate to be:

  • The first Church to be christened by His Grace Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle, the Metropolitan Archbishop himself when he took over the Accra Archdiocese
  • The first Outstation of Corpus Christi Parish, Sakumono
  • Bequeathed with a large track of land by our pacesetters, CCCC
  • Endowed with huge human resources especially the youth
  • Privileged to have dynamic and proactive Priests


Our slogan is “St Bakhita – the fortunate one“. The fortunate ones! We are building our Church” (i.e., the building of both physical and spiritual Church).


In line with that of the Universal Catholic Church, our mission is “Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, administering the sacraments and exercising charity”.


To become a visible community of God by building Christ-like relationships, facilitating a vibrant liturgy and giving hope to all in Christ through effective evangelism.


Deepening the faith of Parishioners by making the Church a place of worship for many regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or economic status. We are committed to:

  • Holy and God-fearing Community
  • Vibrant Church Community
  • Being Evangelistic (Soul Winning/Salvation)
  • Foster faith sharing in small groups
  • Promotion of Vocations
  • Eucharistic and Sacramental Community
  • Community that is caring, loving, respectful, forgiving and reconciliatory
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Viable Community for growth and development
  • Caring for nature
  • Goal

The goal is to build a Holistic Church by attending to the spiritual, social and economic needs of members.


The objectives are to:

  • facilitate the spiritual growth and sustain members through a vibrant liturgy, evangelization and administering of the sacraments
  • address the social needs of members of the congregation in spite of their origin, race or social status
  • facilitate the economic empowerment of members of the congregation.


Church Structure


Church Structure 3


§  Welfare & Health Committee merged

§  Finance & Fundraising Committee merged

§  Vocations Committee merged with Education & Laity Committee

§  CASU defunct

§  New youth groups & societies include Youth Choir, Drama Group, CYO & Tarcisians



The Church Youth Council (CYC) consists of twenty-seven (27) members made up of representatives from the Day Groups, youth groups and societies as well as nominees of the Youth Chaplain.


Mass Schedules

  Sundays          :           7:00am

  Tuesdays         :           6:00am

  Wednesdays    :           6:00am or 7:30pm (to be confirmed by Parish Priest)

  Fridays             :           6:00am or 7:30pm (to be confirmed by Parish Priest)


Saturdays        :           5:30pm – 6:30pm or 7:50pm to 8:50pm at Corpus Christi Parish, Sakumono or by appointment with the Parish Priest.

Infant Baptism

1st Saturday of every month at 4pm at Corpus Christi Parish, Sakumono. Registration is at 7:30pm on the last Wednesday of the preceding month at Corpus Christi Parish, Sakumono.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

1st Friday of every month at 7pm at St. Bakhita Catholic Church, Community 20 Lashibi.

Hour of Grace

1st Sunday of every month at 7pm at Corpus Christi Parish, Sakumono.


 Adults            :           Sundays after 7:00am Mass

 Children          :           Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00pm